Monday, July 11, 2011


A full week off was nice. Mqt in the summer cant be beat, I dont care where you are.

I got some rides in too. Got the Up Nort' bike out and it was prime to ride. 75 degree, sun, and no wind. Lake Superior was glass all week. The great thing about riding up there is that there are trails everywhere. Marked trails. You can park anywhere in town and be on singletrack in less than a mile. I rode 2.5 hrs 3 different days all singletrack all from town and didnt ride the same thing twice. Awesome! I got into some great views, found a 12-15' waterfall by accident, and found the limit of mechanical disk brakes with a 200lb rider.

Up this month... finish the basement (fingers crossed), get a few rides in, celibrate #37, and rip some black dirt day and night with my homies.

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