Friday, May 29, 2009

I Dont Get It

Yesterday it felt like my legs were filled with lead. Today they felt like they were filled with Helium.

Boring dont read

I went for a ride yesterday. That shouldnt be news. With the long holiday weekend away and the weather this week it actually is news. Nothing in a whole week. Good luck racing with no riding.

So tonight I went for a ride, yeah!!! With the upcoming race this weekend on the SS I practiced my standing.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Race went OK. I did the 6hr solo.

The laps were 9 miles long. I got in 7 laps on the Basher in 5.5 hours. I did 7 laps and should have done 8. Mike Curtes won with 8 laps at 5hrs and 15mn and beat RonKo by 40 yards.
I am a little disappointed because if I knew then what I now I would have been a little more prepared. I could have gotten another lap in if I was. I would have had more bottles ready and eaten on course. I took too much time in my pit and lost the time I put in on the course standing around. I also didn't know if I would be blown at 4hrs so I took a little break at 4hrs but in the end I don't think I needed it and should have just kept going. If I could have finished with the same laps I would have been pretty happy.

So, 63 miles in 5.5hrs on the ss should be a good pre season test. I am happy with that. I didn't have any cramping issues and rode hard the whole time. I felt fast compared to others but just lost too much time in the pits.

Next up Iola.

It would be an understatement to say I am nervous/excited/pumped/anxious for Sunday!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Red Headed Step Child

I am going to put it this way. Did you ever study for a test? Did you ever study for a test you really wanted to do well on? One where you were actually excited about it and figured if you put in some decent time you could do well?

You study for months knowing its coming. You are pumped for that day. You take the test and get a B. Decent, but not great, although still better than normal. You take home that test to show your dad/stepdad and he says "Nice try, but not good enough." All that excitement is put into perspective as you feel your head drop and shoulders slouch.

Well, that studying is my bike riding and Beechwood is the old man that reminds me I'm not good enough.

After the first ride there for the year, all the anticipation of sweet trail, all the excitement came down to those trails telling me "Nice try punk. Do better next time." Uggggghhhhh.

Next time I will, but regardless, it was still so much fun.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Name is Mud

Bad Dog

Crazy Bulb

Wow, its nice outside. I don't know if I can make it to my 2:30 quitting time.

It looks like some good riding weather. Hmmm... what to do.

I had a good week last week as far as riding goes. The weekend wasn't so good. Saturday I left in the morning underdressed and came home early beaten by the cold and wind I wasn't prepared for. The temp with wind chill according to the weather channel was 45 degrees. I had a short sleeve jersey and shorts. I was not happy during that ride. Saturday night I had a few drinks which gave me a pretty good headache Sunday that kept me off the bike. It was a bit disappointing since it was so nice but I needed it. Which brings me to todays point to ponder... noon stopping time or wait for the 2:30 whistle (there isn't really a whistle).

On the mtb front I am getting pretty pumped for Iola. I know it is a few weeks away yet but I am already getting those little butterfly's in my belly that make you poop. I was trying figure out why I am getting anxiety already. I figured it must be from the fact that as it gets closer to race day I am out of options but to race SS. Not that its a bad thing but it gives me so much more to think about. I have been known to overthink and overanalize things to the point of obsession and its starting to get that way. I need to get this first one down.

Who says SS'ing is easier? To me there is more to worry about. With gears you didn't have to, there were 27 and at least one would work. Now it is so important to get it right the first time and that's where the anxiety is coming from. I know it probably wont be that bad which I why I wish we could just get on with it already 'cause I am sick of feeling like I have to poop.