Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Chicago Bike Path Warrior Champion

Amy and I left Thursday night for a weekend away. Not a vacation or anything but more like making the rounds and pounding out some miles in the Nitro (how cool is car that comes with its own nickname). Thursday we went to Milwaukee, did some shopping at Mayfair, hit up dinner, and found a hotel to sleep at. Amy was up bright and early to go to the ol' salt mine while I slept in and had a leisurely breakfast. We were of to Chicago by noon and after another mall stop we made it Wheaten and her sisters house in time for dinner and an evening with the family and kids.

Not to let a weekend go by without a ride I brought Mr. X in pieces and hit the Prairie Path trail network in search of a workout. I did 50 miles of the trail in one big loop. I have done this ride before and it isn't that hard since you cruise a few towns and have to make a few stops. Saturday I hit the longest stretch which is close to 30 miles heading south along the Fox river and wouldn't you know a 15-20 south wind. So I proceeded, head down, straight into it and got that burning feeling in my legs that is still there 2 days later. The weather wasn't great but not bad. The chance of rain and the wind kept the majority of the BPW's indoors. I did get to blow the doors of a few guys but not the, "guy in a full Postal Kit on a mtb with aero bars" that you usually see.
Saturday evening we met up with some friends and headed home early Sunday morning.

This week, who knows. It depends on the weather. I will try to spend some time on the bike but I am sick of being cold and I don't want to combine that with wet also.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Some Paint

Some Skin

Friday, April 17, 2009

I now present...

I built this little fella up over the winter. I came across the frame as I was trying to decide what to get for the coming year after I broke my Supercaliber and sold the Hi-fi replacement. I was so indecisive I bought this to get me through until I decided what to get. Turns out I really like it and this very well may be my ride for the year or upcoming. Anyway... here it is.

The "Beechwood Basher"

2009 On-One Inbred frame
On-One Lightweight steel fork (29er of course with Reba on standby from Fisher)
Avid Juicy 5's brakes
Bontrager Race Disc Wheels
Schwalbe Racing Ralphs 2.4 front 2.25 rear Tubeless w/Stans
XTR crankarms and spider (modified)
Blackspire 32 chainring
surly spacer kit w/18t
surly chaintug w/bottle opener
Fsa stem
Easton Monkey lite carbon bars
Botrager race x carbon seatpost
Fizik saddle (with hole torn out)
Crank Bro's Pedals

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today seemed like a nice day to take off.

I got in some H8TR practice.

Now it time to nap.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tubeless @ 65psi

The Short Version- Tubeless and 65psi goes Boom!

The Long Version- Wisconsin winters are long and cold. So with bikes on the brain back in January, I turned into a mad scientist and mixed up a batch of homemade tubeless sealant and with some extra sets of 26" tubes wanted to try ghetto tubeless. Knowing I had buddies with the same interests as I, I invited a couple guys over for a tubeless party. We did 3 29er bikes in all, all ghetto tubeless with home-brew sealant. Following posted instuctions the wheels held air and we were all confident and excited to ride them someday. The problem was it was still winter, so they sat. Fast forward to last weekend. Temps were going to be 50's and we made a plan to do a 50 mile rail trail ride Friday morning with an afternoon stop for lunch (and a pint). Well, Thursday night, I get a message from one of my riding buddies, we will call him T-bone, and T-bone's message says "My wheel just blew up and I think my ear is bleeding!" Huh???

I call T-bone to get the story. He says "Since we were going to do a rail trail ride I figured I would pump my tires up to the max PSI as stated on my sidewall. So... I put in 65 PSI like it says. I was checking my pedals while it was on the stand and I could hear a hissing coming from the back wheel so I tried to find it and it went away. I went back to my pedal and then...BOOM!!!! My tire blew off the rim!" He went on to say it was so loud that when his wife came down to ask what happened he couldn't hear her. He said there was a silhouette of his legs on the ground from the sealant blast that looked like a chalk outline, and the beer he had sitting off to the side foamed over from the explosion. Yeah... I know... I was trying not to laugh.
The tire blew completely off the rim and even pulled the rimstrip off with it. The wheel wasn't permanently damaged but it was significantly out of true.

The lesson to be learned from this... Dont assume your friends know not to go over 40psi when running tubeless. Make sure you tell them.

Now, I know what you are thinking, "This story means nothing without a picture." So here you go.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dont Have to Wonder Anymore

I guess I am that guy.

I havent seen a grill with that much bling since I went to a Lil' Wayne concert.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009