Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I haven't written but I haven't had anything to say.

A few things I guess have happened. Amy and I moved. It was a local move to a bigger place. We were a bit cramped in her place after I sold my house so we basically tripled out square footage. I now have a place to park, put my things, have my tools, my bikes and a place to use it all. By the way, moving sucks.

Last week I got cussed at by the old lady who works the drive thru at mcd's. I was getting coffee before work and I got cussed at and called sunshine in the matter of 10 seconds. I think that is a record.

My best moment though had to be Friday. I was getting irritated by a station wagon I was following that was driving too slow. Every time I needed to turn up ahead they turned right before me thus slowing me down even more. Turns out we were heading to the same place. That isn't the thing. What was funny was following the station wagon with WWJD 01 license plates all the way to the bar.

Monday, March 17, 2008