Saturday, February 14, 2009


Max and Shawn go to the same stylist.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Warm Day in Wisconsin

It warms up a little and people go crazy. These are images from my day Saturday. Some/most of them are under the "Only in Wisconsin" category.

I started my day with a ride. No pics but it 40 degrees and felt like spring.
I was heading to Oshkosh to visit some guys out on the lake and stopped for gas. Where I saw this.

Now I know it was 40 but really, really??? Do you really need the top down on your Mustang? Notice the snow banks in the background so high you can barely see the yield sign.

This one is classic WI. A guy hauling at 65mph down Highway 41 towing his rigged up ice shack.

I did get to the lake and it was crowded.

There were all kinds of transportation equipment out there. There were trucks, cars, 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, and this guy. Notice the chains on the rear wheels. Only in WI!

Lake Winnebago is about 45 miles long by 9 miles wide so there was plenty of room for Max to run.

The temps got to about 45. After some time I had to head home. We will just say it was interesting driving back with all the snow and ice that had melted. See for yourself.

Finally, heading home, I saw 3 people on motorcycles. When I saw this guy the outside temp in my truck read 34 degrees.

Friday, February 6, 2009


The season started today. Temps in the 30's. Time to ride. I got out for the inaugural "Ride slow and break in the legs ride". Amy asked how the ride was, I replied, "I am fat." I wish there was a Whiskey and pizza diet and I wold national champ. Temps look good for the next few days. It looks like riding and ice fishing this weekend. How can you beat that?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things That Irritate Me

I know this could be one looooooonnnnnng post. There are two things that seem to keep coming up that every time I hear it makes me cringe. I have been hearing them a lot lately and I need to vent on all of you so I don't take it out on the wrong stranger.

The First-

When you go to a restaurant and you get this from the waitress... " Hi! My name is ----- and I will be taking care of you." What did you say? You are going to be "Taking care of me?" Are you kidding. You are writing down what I want to eat, handing it to a cook, and carrying it back when its ready. When did that become "taking care of me."? It is such suck up BS. Actually, I think it is a little disrespectful to my wife sitting next to me. She is the one taking care of me. You don't make my lunches or fold my underwear so don't claim anything close to the same category. If I really needed someone to take care of me while I was here, and you were offering, why don't you get me an oil change while I am eating. Maybe run back to the house and take the dog for walk. What I could really use would be someone to organize my tool box. Think you can handle that? That would really be a big help. If not, say so, or just ask me what I want and don't sugar coat some BS.

OK, that is my my main peev, this one is not so bad but it is still like nails on a chalkboard to me.

The "Thanks Hun or your welcome Hun." Don't call me Hun!!! I am not your Hun! You are not my wife and she doesn't even call me Hun! When did you decide, after all these mornings of getting coffee at your drive thru , did you decide that now was the appropriate time to start calling me Hun? I hand you 1.25 dollars and you hand me coffee through a window. Simple as that. That is not a relationship, it is a transaction. I am not being rude. I don't mind a little chit chat. But lets be honest, I am also never going to have you over for a BBQ or do I care where you moved here from or what the weather is like back there at 5:30AM IN THE MORNING!!! Lets be professional and let me on my way.

Ahhh, I feel better now.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Christmas Presents Gone Wrong

Gone Daddy Gone

Easy come, easy go. Go the HIFI frame on Ebay last week and it left for NC today. Never even unwrapped it. Who needs all that squishy? Who needs all that comfort? If you describe your bike as the "the rollin lounge chair" like I did, something aint right. ,time to move on. Since it was brand spanking new it was a good time to sell. Now what? Who knows. I do have a list with a 1st and 2nd so we will see what kind of deal I can strike up.

We had some friends in town this weekend from Texas on their way to Alaska. It sure was a nice time with them. Though they started as Amy's friends and though I have only spent a limited time with them it is easy to say they are just as important to me also.

I would let you all in on my future plans since I probably wont post anything for a while but I have nothing to tell. Basically I am waiting for it to warm up. That's it.