Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Have Always Wondered

There are many things I wonder about. I figure its not just me. The one thing I get spining in my head often is when I am driving and I see a particular car on the road. You know, the one where you think, "who the heck would drive a car like that?" You see it and just wish you knew more about the person inside and what kind of person would drive that thing.

Well, I saw one of these and this is where this post comes from. Who drives one of these?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I got home from work yesterday and I wasn't in a very good mood. Amy asked what was wrong and I gave her an earful. I had planned on riding after work all day and with the mood I was in and the wind outside I tried to bail on my ride. I just didn't want go. I worked off of reflex. I went down stairs. Stared at the piles of cloth. Picked out what would be best for the temps and wind. I went with the base layer and jersey, fleece arm warmers, leg warmers under shorts, toe covers, and wind breaker vest. Clip on the mp3 and I am out. It took all of 2 miles to forget my day. I left pissed off so I rode straight into the wind so I could grunt and grrrrr. When I thought I might have to call Amy to get me I turned so I could ride a cross wind. It felt so much easier. I rode that cross wind tilted one side to remain balanced. I hit all my little hills and turned back for more cross wind. I was sick of that cross wind but knowing I would have an easy ride back with the wind behind me I put my head down and made my legs suffer. Mile after mile I kept thinking it will be so nice to have that wind behind me so in the mean time I can really burn the legs before I get there. I make my turn home and I was right, 25-28mph seems easy when I could barely do 15 earlier. Motivated by new found speed I reach down to the drops and time trial all the way home. So much for that easy ride with the wind, it was too much fun to go fast. Sprint the imaginary finish line close to home and coast into the garage spent. Amy asks me how my ride was, "It was great, just what I needed, and I am in a much better mood", I reply. After that I forgot about my day and today its like it never happened.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Silver Clouds

The bright side...

Time change, we get more an extra hour of sunlight.

Warm weather, its easier to enjoy that extra hour of day.

Starting today work cut our hours to 32 per week, now I really get to enjoy more extra daylight in the 50 degree offerings that March brings.

New hours 6am- 2:30pm Monday - Thursday.

Amy said I am "part time"... if only I had a rocking chair.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It goes like this....

Mr Indecisive

Mr Indecisive buys a frame.

I had been going back and forth on fancy or functional, steel or aluminum. Did I want something I could just ride on the cheap or do I suck it up and go big? We all know its the rider not the bike so do I really need all the bling? Lightweight bikes sure are pretty, but come on, I am 190 on a good day. Is a 4lb frame really that much better than a 5lb frame. What am I sacrificing by hauling that 1lb and what am I giving up in ride quality in that lightweight 4lb frame? I have been riding bikes for a while so I should know these answers. It really comes down to pear pressure vs. reality. Do I care if I have the latest and greatest and what do I really want to do on my bike?

If you know me, you know the answer.

Pics to follow.