Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Since I last posted things have happened. (duh)

I had 3 weeks off to raise my boy. The first week was really hard. It was July and I couldn't even tell you if it was hot out or not. By week 2 and 3 me and Jakie had our routine down and it was wonderful. Best 3 weeks of my life.

One of those weeks I spent up in the U.P. at the in-laws. Since I now have a baby that means we pack the car to the tippy top. Car seat, stroller, diaper bag, Jake's bag, Amy's bag, my bag, Max's toys, max, plus amys work stuff and guess what is now left behind. MY BIKE! So, since I am a resourceful fella, I figured I would build something up and leave there. In my quest, my friend monisha in AZ, recalled a friend with something for sale and with a very generous homeboy hook up later I was the proud owner of a KHS 29er singlespeed. Hook up #2 with a fedex shipping code from someone who shall remain nameless since I dont any of you to know who I am referring to, and I now have my up north bike. I couple rides on my up north bike and Ore to Shore looming in the distance, I decided I needed something a little more geared since my new dad legs didn't really feel up for a 48 mile gearless ride. So I scavenged my bike box and came out with a new x9 drivetrain, a new set of 29er wheels I just happened to need another bike for, some new Schwalbe rubber, a sram pg990 cassette, and a set of xt cranks. When it was done it was a pretty nice ride. The bike fits perfect and comes out pretty light also.

Oh yeah, O2Shore, Owiee. That's the short version. Longer version below.


Having some gears helped but I cant swap out different legs from the random box of legs I have downstairs.

Enough about me, lets talk about Jake. He is huge. He is like a little boy. I know he is a little boy but he doesn't seem like a little baby boy anymore. Check him out.....



Crazy! He got big so fast.

Seriously though. He changes everyday. He is super vocal. He talks and talks non stop. That in turn makes me laugh non stop. I seem to spend most of my day making silly faces and noises to make him smile and laugh, which makes him laugh, which makes me laugh, which makes him laugh, which makes me laugh, which makes him laugh... until he gets hungry or needs a new diaper and then we do it all over again.

OK, since you read this far here are a couple pics to leave you with.

Amy playing "dress up the baby"

Happy pants!