Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ohhh Niner

I wanted to write something about my coming thoughts for 2010 but I never really closed out 2009. 2009 was such a great year I want to put something down so I remember it.

On the biking side of it, it was my best year ever. I looked back and found I started my regular riding outside Feb 6th. I had a ton of miles in by the time the h8r came around and felt ready to hammer. Some bike issues slowed me down a bit but what I came away with was knowing I was able to time trial my cross bike for 40 something miles by Easter weekend. That was an improvement over my usual Iola first ride of the year.
Last year I also got rid of my gears and went straight up SS.

The first race was a 6hr in Green Bay. I was nervous how I would do, not placement wise but being able to ride ss for 6 hrs. Turns out it wasn't that bad. I actually liked it and after putting 63 miles in and feeling good I was pumped for the real start of the season in Iola the following weekend.

Iola came and I had crazy butterflies. I was talking to the Performa punks in the parking lot and almost missed my start. Last one in line, that's how I roll. Funny thing happened though after the first section of hills I found myself in 3rd place and by the end of the race passed everyone and scored my first bike win ever!

That set up my year. After that I podiumed every race I entered (except 02s and cheq). The biggest though being the 24hr duo I did with CB. Read it here, but the short story was we won that too. Many rides up in gb and Tuesday nights at the Beech caps what was a fantastic bike riding and racing year.

On the family side of things, maybe that should be first, was probably even better. Amy and I went on two dream vacations. We spent my birthday

in Alaska with some great friends hiking, fishing, card playing, and sight seeing. Then, later in the fall, we went to Hawaii and split our time between Wailea and Waikiki. This time less hiking and sightseeing and more relaxing with a little extra relaxing when we needed a break from relaxing.

We also built our house. We didn't go overboard but it is pretty close to our dream house. We got everything we wanted that we thought we would never be able to get or afford, thanks economy.

Also on the family side of things, I look back in fond memory of the party and bike ride on the fourth of July at Jojo's house.

What a day that turned out to be. I will never forget that day. It changed my life.

I cant say that's it but it is the highlights that I can think of for now.

2010 thoughts next. If I had to put it in perspective, on a scale of one to ten, last year was a 3 compared to what's coming. Remember "jumping off a cliff and learning to fly", that is still coming! I cant wait.

Monday, January 25, 2010



That is how many times I ran last week. I went slow. I didn't go very far. I didn't hate it. If I look back and calculate it is pretty easy to figure out how much I have ran in the past. I have run once a year. It is always once. Once in the winter. I go once and hate it and don't go again until the next year. Last year I skipped that one run because I knew I would just quit so I didn't bother. So my point is, I have ran more in the last week than I have in four years, or I have equaled my total for the last five years in one week. Pretty good if you ask me.

I have been looking at the positives I can get from running. Exercise...blah, blah, blah, we all know that. What I mean is what I didn't know that I am learning.

One, it sure is nice to be done in a half hour and be home.
Two, by only being gone a half hour I don't have to charge my mp3 all the time.
Three, prep time is short. No bottles, no air pressure, no food, just tie up the shoes and go.
Four, ........ that's all I got for now.

Not much, I know, but it is something.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Run Forrest Run!

Dam you cb, dam you.

I got a bit of jealousy reading how you have gotten on the running train. We are mtb's dam it! We don't run!

I wish so bad I liked to run. Short time frame, high reward. Plus... you can do it with your dog. Max is so hyper and ready to go at any second. I wish I could do it. I wish I could do it for him.

I put my shoes on yesterday. I ran. Once. It didn't suck. I am going to do it again. Today probably. If I can run for a week I will try it with Max. If I can run with Max I might be stuck doing it everyday(ish). Another angle for motivation.

Friday, January 15, 2010


What should I do with this???

Thursday, January 7, 2010


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