Friday, July 31, 2009

24-9 Recap

I thought I should write up a little recap of the race. I am just going to plagiarize. Chris said it all. Replace the "Josh" for "Chris" and the view was the same from me.

Eating... I could eat anything. Good, bad, wet, gross. It didn't matter what it was. Foods was fuel.

Support... Without Big Steve and PMFT I don't know if it happens this way.

Partner... It takes a lot of trust to do this with a partner. I thought I could trust Chris. I know I can trust Chris. In 24hrs all we basically said was "have a nice ride." We took our laps, never complained, was at the start on time, and just kept going.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I finally got to meet meet nephew Quinn yesterday. I was disappointed I had to wait until he was 6 days old but I promise to make up for it in the future. With all that went on this past weekend holding him was by far the highlight.

That little guy is going to have quite an interesting future ahead of him. He has 4 uncles! I don't know Jessica's brother but I am sure with having us 4 Bartoszuk boys looking out for him the only thing I can think of is world domination.

Heck, he already farts like one of us.

Monday, July 27, 2009

24-9 Duo

18 laps total, 9 laps for a total of 132 miles each. Two laps 32x17, 7 laps 32x18.

We went one for one with no sleep the whole time. Hardest thing I have ever done a bike. I hurt all over. At least it was worth it for the win!

More later.

Thanks to Big Steve and Phil. We couldnt have done it without you.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

AK and Then Some

One word- In friggin credible!!!

Hikes, charter fishing for Halibut, glaciers (plural), more hikes, more glaciers, peaks (see 35th b-day pic), pints o'amber, yahtzee till the we hours, and to bed before the sun went down (at 2am).

Pics dont do it justice, you cant feel how big it is unless you are there.

Yah, thats a Glacier

Glacier Lake

Gordon Lion Peak

Amy, Me, Shawn, and Laura (our gracious hosts)


Halibut fishing in Homer

Where the hell is Homer, AK?

Yeah, we caught fish, 200lbs of fish!

We saw lots of animals even a moose

Awsome trip! I cant thank Laura and Shawn enough.
Now... of for my next adventure.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


How cool is this!