Monday, August 15, 2011

2 for 3

Two races in three weeks. Am I pro? Ok, how about 2 races all year. Thats more like it. I plan for the doosies, 24Wausau and Ore to Shore. 24 went well. I rode lots of bike and saw lotsa friends. Thats the best part. The race is something like #7. At this point its "easy". All you have to do is keep going and take your turn. Big woop. I can do that in my sleep. I guess I did. 2nd in the co-ed 4 person. We were steady even if it did rain a little. Rox was rockin', bs was bs'n, bro-in-law (sit down for this one) had more random fact than Steve, and bosslehoff had to buy two plane tickets, one for him and one for his hair.

Ore 2 Shore. I killed it. I had a time of 3:25. If you factor in for the time change from central to eastern I won! The race is a race. Big turn out. Well supported by the community. Challenging as hell. Makes you happy to just finish. Now the good stuff. Pre riding on trails that arent even in the course, lookouts that make where you started from look so far away, brakeless downhill singletrack, xc pumptracks, and that was just Friday. Riding with the bro, plato, jojo, and a couple rad girls is the best. Wish there were more. Did it again Sunday. Legs were swearing at me but the voices in my head were thanking me. So much fun was had. I cried tears of joy or were they windswept from the high speed single?

Cant wait till next year!