Monday, March 26, 2012

Sleeping In

Last night Jake slept for 13hrs. From 7p-8a. We actually made him stay up till 7. At 6:30 last night he was walking up to Amy and I going, "nigh night, nigh night?"

Sadie slept for 12hrs. 8p-8a. She had a little bottle at 6a after 10hrs of sleeping and went back to sleep.

Amy and I celebrated this ocasion with sleeping in also. 9p-8a.

Today I feel like a new man!

Friday, March 16, 2012

My Time Is/ Was Up

My S.A.D. 5 weeks home is up and back to work on Monday. Wait a second. Me and my BFF 1 year old have been having a great time. Sleeping in till 7 (he calls for me, "daddy") cause i will be right there. Breakfast, coffee, Elmo, then playtime from 9 - lunch. Nap time. Then play time till dinner. Then playtime till nigh-nigh at 7:30. This is too good. This time is so special. I will always remember it even if he doesnt. When he is a smelly teenager who wants nothing to do with me, this will be my happy place. SO I extended another 2 weeks.

Heres to the best 7 weeks of my life.

PS. I do get to spend time with Sadie. She also can roll over both ways at 3 months old. Eye carumba.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Yesterday I taught Jake to pull my finger.