Thursday, September 24, 2009


Good luck to everyone starting thier cross season this year. Wish I could be there but I gotta go here instead.

Be back in Oct.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Cheq 40 this past weekend. Huge event. Lots of fast people.

Mike hooked up the condo and had enough rooom for the 6 of us comfortably.

We ate like kings. Rode bikes as fast as we could. Ate again. Drank adult beverages until the ground looked comfy.

Huge showing from the Fuel Crew. 7 in the prefered start and 2 just off the back for a total of 9 Fuel kits.

Everyone had a great race. Everyone beat or exceeded their personal goals. Everyone finished in one piece.

Congrats to Joe for winning 1st overall singlespeed.

I had my best finish ever on what turned out to be a fast day for everyone.

My time of 2:42:50 was 28 minutes faster than last year!

I ran a straight 2:1 ratio for gears. 32x16. Had I been a little stronger in the end on the Birkie rollers I could have shaved off another 6-8 minutes but I cracked and really struggled for the last 5-6 miles.

Great GREAT weekend!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rewind and FF

A few weeks ago I did a race in Green Bay, I was 2nd ss.

Last weekend I did a race in Lake Geneva, I was 2nd ss.

This weekend I am racing the Chek 40, I wont be second, maybe from the end.

My pump track got knocked down. They dug a big hole. In that hole they poured some cement. Now they are putting some wood on top of that.

Hawaii in 2 weeks.

And all that is nothing... just wait!