Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Cheq 40 this past weekend. Huge event. Lots of fast people.

Mike hooked up the condo and had enough rooom for the 6 of us comfortably.

We ate like kings. Rode bikes as fast as we could. Ate again. Drank adult beverages until the ground looked comfy.

Huge showing from the Fuel Crew. 7 in the prefered start and 2 just off the back for a total of 9 Fuel kits.

Everyone had a great race. Everyone beat or exceeded their personal goals. Everyone finished in one piece.

Congrats to Joe for winning 1st overall singlespeed.

I had my best finish ever on what turned out to be a fast day for everyone.

My time of 2:42:50 was 28 minutes faster than last year!

I ran a straight 2:1 ratio for gears. 32x16. Had I been a little stronger in the end on the Birkie rollers I could have shaved off another 6-8 minutes but I cracked and really struggled for the last 5-6 miles.

Great GREAT weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Man are boring

Anonymous said...

Great result, Josh. Or is is Ben?