Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thats What They Mean By...

Yesterday was one of those days. You know how some days the thought of putting your bike shoes on and heading off just seems like a lot of work. When you would rather get a movie, eat some taco bell, make a drink, and lay under a blanket for the rest of the day instead of go riding. On the flip side there are days all you think about is how soon you can get off work. How nice it is going to feel being in the middle of nowhere with nothing but daydreams and the silent hummmmm of tires rolling. You get excited at work thinking about that one obscure road that you don't know where it goes and today you studied a map and are going to take it with no regard to where it actually goes or how long it will take.

Well yesterday I had the later. At work all could think about was going for a ride. I knew it was warm out, I could wear shorts and jersey, the wind was soft, and I had nothing but time. I wanted to ride long and at a moderate pace, so my mind started to wonder as to where I could go. I wanted a new route so I studied a map and picked a route out to Wrightstown. I knew where a gas station was and that gave me the confidence that I could replenish fluid or calories if needed. I had about 4.5 hours of sunlight so however far it was I should be OK.

I think the saying goes, "motivation is great but you still gotta have the legs". It was just under 35 miles to Wrightstown. At 30 miles I knew it was going to be a long hard day. I couldn't turn around since the only place to fill my bottles was still 5 miles ahead. I brought 2 gels and that wasn't going to be enough. I got into Wrightstown had a snack, filled bottles, and headed back. Wouldn't you know the wind picked up, guess which way I was riding against. It wasn't a hard wind but I was hurting and it was enough to make me curse it. It was flat, I was struggling to hold 16mph.

About half way back I picked up a couple riders. A little group of three rolling along. Chatting and making friends took my mind of my legs. We talked about riding, how many miles we had in for the year, different group rides, then we stopped talking. To all the guys who read this and ride I am sure you know what happened next, pace line. We got going. I just told myself the faster I went the sooner I would be back. With the rest in between turns at the front and drafting I was able to go and in what seemed like no time we were at the turn off and my new acquaintances were gone. I wish they had gone farther because once they were gone and I was alone, I was blown. I was 7 miles from home and I couldn't pedal downhill. At 2 miles left I took my last gel pack, 2 miles left, and I had to take a gel. I have never done that. With about .5 mile left it was downhill to home and I was done. 65 miles in 4 hrs, not a blistering pace but it was all I had.

It was just an awesome ride and I am still smiling today.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I could blame it on Andy. I could blame it on want. I could blame it on need. The only thing that really sticks is...just because.

More here.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trails Dreams and Jelousy

The weekend was nice. Sunday, spent a few hours at Beechwood making more trail. We actually added some flat singletrack. We did our best to make it flow but you never really know until you ride it but it looks good. There are some tricky parts, parts that I dont want to be the first to ride. They are more of the let someone else ride it and find the best line. Kind of like when we built the sweet jump last year and let Ben go first to dab a couple times, then Hirsch went and pile drove his face into the ground. That was when we figured out we needed to add a little dirt to the launch. I wouldnt say this little rocky line is like that just I dont want to be first. Of course, it is Beechwood, and adding the extra trail of flat single leads you to a climb.

Andy says the dream team is together for 24-9. I dunno, I don't think I would classify Mike C, Raging Ron, Andy, and Scoots as dreamy. Maybe it is just me.

I have my own vile plans for 24-9, if I can get the Bozz on board. Instead of dreamy I am thinking more towards nightmares. 24x2. A 4 man team is so February. I know, big talk, but it makes me accountable so everyone else can talk smack to me if party more than I ride. Then again, who knows what will happen.

I am still in covet my neighbors toys mode. I obsess about things and then convince myself I need them too. I have my road bike, I have my mtb bike, but I don't have a commuter. Listening to Andy talk about... what was that???...uhhhh.... hmmmmm.... oh... Poprad... got me thinking I need a commuter/ rec bike too. So I set out on a quest and I think I found something that wont break the bank and will make me happy. FedEx man says it should be here Thursday.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Its Still Winter

I was thinking about how much this weather was driving me crazy, than I figured no one cared since we all deal with the same thing.

Unfortunately that was all I had. Time to write wandering thoughts...

I got my truck for sale. Time to get a car again. Since Amy got the new truck we don't need two trucks so a 4 Dr sedan capable of decent gas milage that can haul me and my bikes to Beechwood every Tuesday and all the races I hope to do is in my future. If anyone knows where I can find the above in the form of a Honda let me know. Bonus if it is white and I can call it "The Rocket" or "White Tornado".

I have had some action on my truck. Apparently Toyota 4x4 ext cabs are hard to find on the cheap. I got one. Now I just have to find the right person.

In my quest to keep up with the Jones I have my eye on a new bike also. By keep up, I mean want and covet. There is hope and we aren't talking huge KKKK's here. So attainable and affordable is the key.

I love hearing the rain pound on the roof top. I hope it doesn't snow.

This weekend holds minor plans. My mom is visiting, a night at the comedy club with friends, and time spent at Beechwood getting ready for the year rounds out the highlights.

I hope all my rider/racer friends suffered good this weekend. CB, AH, RR cant wait to hear.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Nothing Creative

My story telling has gone to nothing since the work filters wont let me log onto this site. All I want to do is post...

Since I cant login I cant comment either. I have been reading just cant comment. I guess I just have to be productive. I use that term loosely.

I can try and catch up but I don't even know where I left off.

I got into Cheq 40. Problem is, it seems no one else did. I need a crew. That is too far to go to not have a crew. ANDY and BEN write a letter, please!!!

Last weekend I went to Madison to ride with the BRR guys. A 3 day ride turned into a 1 day ride since my truck ended up in the shop and I used up my legs on the one Saturday ride.

Last week, I don't know, worked and... I don't really remember.

This weekend I tried to get out on the bike a bit with the impending cycling season quickly approaching. Who knows what is going to happen this year. Will this finally be the year I put a little more effort than "just be competitive" or will I finally try and ride more and party less. It is a fine line but it is really one side or the other. So far the dark side has been winning but I am not getting younger. My chances to do whatever I want, when I want, with who I want, and have the money,time, resources, and ability to do it aren't going to last forever. Then again I may not be able to party as much.