Saturday, April 12, 2008

Its Still Winter

I was thinking about how much this weather was driving me crazy, than I figured no one cared since we all deal with the same thing.

Unfortunately that was all I had. Time to write wandering thoughts...

I got my truck for sale. Time to get a car again. Since Amy got the new truck we don't need two trucks so a 4 Dr sedan capable of decent gas milage that can haul me and my bikes to Beechwood every Tuesday and all the races I hope to do is in my future. If anyone knows where I can find the above in the form of a Honda let me know. Bonus if it is white and I can call it "The Rocket" or "White Tornado".

I have had some action on my truck. Apparently Toyota 4x4 ext cabs are hard to find on the cheap. I got one. Now I just have to find the right person.

In my quest to keep up with the Jones I have my eye on a new bike also. By keep up, I mean want and covet. There is hope and we aren't talking huge KKKK's here. So attainable and affordable is the key.

I love hearing the rain pound on the roof top. I hope it doesn't snow.

This weekend holds minor plans. My mom is visiting, a night at the comedy club with friends, and time spent at Beechwood getting ready for the year rounds out the highlights.

I hope all my rider/racer friends suffered good this weekend. CB, AH, RR cant wait to hear.

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CTB said...

And that new ride would be?