Wednesday, July 23, 2008

...and boy are my arms tired. this thing on.

Biker blog.

I rode a little bit lately. Apparently mass produced bike parts are not made to withhold the standard power generated by a Bartoszuk.

Last week I blew apart a rear derailleur. See above photo.

Last night I blew apart a chain.

Each time I got in a full 1.5 laps at Beechwood.

Riding, well, it has been sporadic. Waaatevaaa.

Life blog.

It is my grandmas 85 birthday his weekend. Me, Amy, and some bro's are going to do the 600 mile drive one way and see her. I cant wait. No sarcasm there. I cant wait to see my grandma.

Work is busy. Who cares.

No racing for me this weekend. Seeing said g-ma.

Next weekend. 24-9. Not for me. Just didn't happen this year. I may find a way to go and enjoy the weekend and get in my share of heckling. Speaking of... Paul K. has the quote of the day/week/my is a good one.

"A Larger than life beer bottle screaming slurred words through a megaphone? That has good times written all over it."

Well said my brother. Well said.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Weeks Worth

Dumping the draft folder...

Hump day. Beechwood was canceled yesterday from the excessive amounts of rain this year. I even had my wheels packed. I decided to road ride instead. After my commute home on MR X I decided I didn't feel like riding anymore so I hung out with my wifey.

Today I brought MR X back to work. I will try to get in a group ride tonight. I have no motivation to go ride alone lately. I either want to be on my MTB or riding with somebody else. I guess I am just a social butterfly.

Tomorrow might be a mtb ride if Standing Rocks is open. They too have had excessive rain and have a strick "no soft dirt riding" rule. So we will see.

I never said much about my 4th weekend. It was cool and went as planned. Thursday night party with some local friends turned into a long night. It was such a rough night it mellowed us out for the rest of the weekend.

Friday Curtes party was really nice. It is great they open their family function to some friends and invite us. Watching the fireworks from the pier is awesome and has bit of sentimental value for Amy and I from when we first started dating and went 2 years ago.

Saturday Brewer game was cool. The Crew won it in the bottom of the 9th. The crowd went wild as well as I. There were 6 (Amy and I, Chrisi and Paul, Ben and Jess) of us talegating that we did before and after the game.

Sunday was a BBQ at the folks.

There caught up.

Not yet...

The Standing rocks ride got cancelled due to rain. With a trip up north tomorrow for a long weekend and to get caught up with my tan lines with another couple, will lend to no riding for much too long of a time. Instead it will be relaxing at a cabin, looking out over the lake, and wondering how I can figure to do that professionally. So until next time I am sure all of you will be suffering for me.

Ben and Jess

Chrissi and Brandon

Yours truly and Wifey

The tailgate... and yes that is a hammock in the pic.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ahh... Lets See

Beechwood Tuesday was sweet. A beautiful night, lots of people, lots of meat burned, lots of suds washed down. The riding, well, that's a whole nother story. Lets just say I proved I am a Pollack.

After feeling like crap for far too long I went to the DR. and behold I have a sinus infection. Know wonder I was feeling so crappy and not getting better. That little illness really put a kink in my riding right when I felt like I could really pound some miles. The antibiotics are working and I will be back in no time.

This weekend is party weekend. Fireworks Thursday night. Big Cedar Lake with the Curtes family and their extended network of friends. Saturday Brew Crew at Miller Park. Sunday, cashing the rain check with the Old Man from Fathers Day. That should fill a weekend nicely.

Happy 4th.