Wednesday, July 23, 2008

...and boy are my arms tired. this thing on.

Biker blog.

I rode a little bit lately. Apparently mass produced bike parts are not made to withhold the standard power generated by a Bartoszuk.

Last week I blew apart a rear derailleur. See above photo.

Last night I blew apart a chain.

Each time I got in a full 1.5 laps at Beechwood.

Riding, well, it has been sporadic. Waaatevaaa.

Life blog.

It is my grandmas 85 birthday his weekend. Me, Amy, and some bro's are going to do the 600 mile drive one way and see her. I cant wait. No sarcasm there. I cant wait to see my grandma.

Work is busy. Who cares.

No racing for me this weekend. Seeing said g-ma.

Next weekend. 24-9. Not for me. Just didn't happen this year. I may find a way to go and enjoy the weekend and get in my share of heckling. Speaking of... Paul K. has the quote of the day/week/my is a good one.

"A Larger than life beer bottle screaming slurred words through a megaphone? That has good times written all over it."

Well said my brother. Well said.


ronko said...

Come to 24/9. You can rub butter on my salad!

CTB said...

If its 594 miles to Kansas City, MO - where the heck does Grams live? Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Winnipeg?

You have reservations for 9-mile next year. 24 Do - Oooooooo.

Anonymous said...

You are warm with WINNIPEG.