Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am a Loser

There is a biggest loser contest going on at work. At first I was like "That is BS. It is discrimination against fit people! I am going to HR!" After thinking about it more I figured I have been slacking in my riding and added a couple pounds. I thought I would give it a shot just for fun. The weigh in was yesterday. Since I wanted to give myself an advantage, and the weigh in was between 10 and 12, I waited until after lunch to weigh in.

I also decided to go to Chipotle and get a huge burrito for lunch. I figured that might not be enough so I drank 2 large cups of water with it.

When i got back to work I thought I had a little more room in me so I drank 4 cups of chocolate milk. You would be surprised how much chocolate milk weighs, it is heavy. I also managed to get down a piece of zucchini bread, you know, the really dense kind. I tried for 2 pieces but could only do 1 1/2.

When I got to the nurses office there were a couple guys in front of me so I had time to drink 5 cups a water. After that I was done. It actually kind of hurt. It even hurt to bend over to tie my shoes. I could feel the pressure pushing on my belly from the inside. It was worth it though. The official weight from my efforts... 211.6lbs.

That was yesterday at noon. This morning i got to work and weighed myself right away. I hadn't had breakfast yet or drank anything, plus I rode Mr. X to work so I sweated a bit on the way in. I think it would be safe to say I am leading the contest as of now. I was down... wait for it... 7 lbs.

That's right, I lost 7 lbs in about 15hrs.

Game on.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, If you win we'll have two biggest losers in the family.LB

Steve said...

Way to start by swaying the odds to favor you. Cheating at Biggest Loser... I think that right there qualifies you as a loser. Maybe you can write an awe-inspiring book and sell millions of copies.

You, Too, Can Lose Seven Pounds in Fifteen Hours

Chapter One - Gluttony: Overstuffing for Great Losses.

CTB said...

Dude - this is one of the funniest damn stories I have ever read. My wife said something to the tune of "if a woman did this she'd be spending $325 on the LA diet, plus a personal trainer and six months just to get the 7 pounds off". You are truly one gifted individual.