Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trails Dreams and Jelousy

The weekend was nice. Sunday, spent a few hours at Beechwood making more trail. We actually added some flat singletrack. We did our best to make it flow but you never really know until you ride it but it looks good. There are some tricky parts, parts that I dont want to be the first to ride. They are more of the let someone else ride it and find the best line. Kind of like when we built the sweet jump last year and let Ben go first to dab a couple times, then Hirsch went and pile drove his face into the ground. That was when we figured out we needed to add a little dirt to the launch. I wouldnt say this little rocky line is like that just I dont want to be first. Of course, it is Beechwood, and adding the extra trail of flat single leads you to a climb.

Andy says the dream team is together for 24-9. I dunno, I don't think I would classify Mike C, Raging Ron, Andy, and Scoots as dreamy. Maybe it is just me.

I have my own vile plans for 24-9, if I can get the Bozz on board. Instead of dreamy I am thinking more towards nightmares. 24x2. A 4 man team is so February. I know, big talk, but it makes me accountable so everyone else can talk smack to me if party more than I ride. Then again, who knows what will happen.

I am still in covet my neighbors toys mode. I obsess about things and then convince myself I need them too. I have my road bike, I have my mtb bike, but I don't have a commuter. Listening to Andy talk about... what was that???...uhhhh.... hmmmmm.... oh... Poprad... got me thinking I need a commuter/ rec bike too. So I set out on a quest and I think I found something that wont break the bank and will make me happy. FedEx man says it should be here Thursday.

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andyH. said...

i am a bad influence.

i like that.