Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Have Always Wondered

There are many things I wonder about. I figure its not just me. The one thing I get spining in my head often is when I am driving and I see a particular car on the road. You know, the one where you think, "who the heck would drive a car like that?" You see it and just wish you knew more about the person inside and what kind of person would drive that thing.

Well, I saw one of these and this is where this post comes from. Who drives one of these?


benbarts said...

funny you just noticed that....twice yesterday while driving I blurted out "what a d-bag!"
1. 55 degrees out red-convertable open-BMW, the guy looks like Miami Vice.
2. Black corvette passes, plates say

Laura said...

hahahaha, I have a rental car at the's a dodge nitro just like the on in the picture! hahahaha.

CTB said...

I mean I just don't get is Chrysler broke? That Nitro would be cooler with wood panels.

Steve said...

I almost bought one of those. Glad I saw this post before I signed the line.