Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Warm Day in Wisconsin

It warms up a little and people go crazy. These are images from my day Saturday. Some/most of them are under the "Only in Wisconsin" category.

I started my day with a ride. No pics but it 40 degrees and felt like spring.
I was heading to Oshkosh to visit some guys out on the lake and stopped for gas. Where I saw this.

Now I know it was 40 but really, really??? Do you really need the top down on your Mustang? Notice the snow banks in the background so high you can barely see the yield sign.

This one is classic WI. A guy hauling at 65mph down Highway 41 towing his rigged up ice shack.

I did get to the lake and it was crowded.

There were all kinds of transportation equipment out there. There were trucks, cars, 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, and this guy. Notice the chains on the rear wheels. Only in WI!

Lake Winnebago is about 45 miles long by 9 miles wide so there was plenty of room for Max to run.

The temps got to about 45. After some time I had to head home. We will just say it was interesting driving back with all the snow and ice that had melted. See for yourself.

Finally, heading home, I saw 3 people on motorcycles. When I saw this guy the outside temp in my truck read 34 degrees.


Anonymous said...

In regard to your speeding over the ice...don’t you ever watch Ice Road Truckers? Don’t become another casualty of the ice road. LB

CTB said...

JB - that entire writeup should be a segment on Letterman. Love the tool on the crotch rocket.