Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gone Daddy Gone

Easy come, easy go. Go the HIFI frame on Ebay last week and it left for NC today. Never even unwrapped it. Who needs all that squishy? Who needs all that comfort? If you describe your bike as the "the rollin lounge chair" like I did, something aint right. ,time to move on. Since it was brand spanking new it was a good time to sell. Now what? Who knows. I do have a list with a 1st and 2nd so we will see what kind of deal I can strike up.

We had some friends in town this weekend from Texas on their way to Alaska. It sure was a nice time with them. Though they started as Amy's friends and though I have only spent a limited time with them it is easy to say they are just as important to me also.

I would let you all in on my future plans since I probably wont post anything for a while but I have nothing to tell. Basically I am waiting for it to warm up. That's it.


ron k. said...

Get a bike so we can go out West this March!

CTB said...

Bye Bye Hi Fi....hello MAMASITA!