Friday, April 17, 2009

I now present...

I built this little fella up over the winter. I came across the frame as I was trying to decide what to get for the coming year after I broke my Supercaliber and sold the Hi-fi replacement. I was so indecisive I bought this to get me through until I decided what to get. Turns out I really like it and this very well may be my ride for the year or upcoming. Anyway... here it is.

The "Beechwood Basher"

2009 On-One Inbred frame
On-One Lightweight steel fork (29er of course with Reba on standby from Fisher)
Avid Juicy 5's brakes
Bontrager Race Disc Wheels
Schwalbe Racing Ralphs 2.4 front 2.25 rear Tubeless w/Stans
XTR crankarms and spider (modified)
Blackspire 32 chainring
surly spacer kit w/18t
surly chaintug w/bottle opener
Fsa stem
Easton Monkey lite carbon bars
Botrager race x carbon seatpost
Fizik saddle (with hole torn out)
Crank Bro's Pedals


CTB said...

Sweet steel rig...should serve you well!

Steve said...

Very nice. Certainly looks like something you can easily throw a leg over and ride hard.