Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Red Headed Step Child

I am going to put it this way. Did you ever study for a test? Did you ever study for a test you really wanted to do well on? One where you were actually excited about it and figured if you put in some decent time you could do well?

You study for months knowing its coming. You are pumped for that day. You take the test and get a B. Decent, but not great, although still better than normal. You take home that test to show your dad/stepdad and he says "Nice try, but not good enough." All that excitement is put into perspective as you feel your head drop and shoulders slouch.

Well, that studying is my bike riding and Beechwood is the old man that reminds me I'm not good enough.

After the first ride there for the year, all the anticipation of sweet trail, all the excitement came down to those trails telling me "Nice try punk. Do better next time." Uggggghhhhh.

Next time I will, but regardless, it was still so much fun.

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