Monday, July 18, 2011

No Pic But It Was Real

Today I saw a guy riding in town. He was in FULL Fox Cities Tri Club Kit. He had no helmet on, was wearing bright white tennis shoes, and was on fixed gear road bike. I couldnt pull that look off.

Making a final push right now. I had planned on having fun this July but that light is getting so much brighter. I ordered my countertops yesterday and had the basement measured for carpet. I got all my extension jambs on over the weekend and cased in my doors plus the patio doors. Tonight I layed out all my leangths of base molding so tommorow night I can cut and install. I hope I can get it all nailed on in 2-3 nights. Then I have about a night of grouting and then I can start final installs of bathroom fixtures and make final plumbing connections.

Then its just final touches and connect all the cable lines and splitters and mount the tv's.

I still need a sauna door and insulate with cedar but that doesnt have to happen anytime soon.

I think I can be 95% done by the first weekend in August. Then time for summer.

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Jesse said...

I best be invited to the 'basement warming party'!