Friday, July 1, 2011


Ahh... the 4th is here. Time relax and enjoy some sun. Planning on spending some time here, there, and everywhere. After a little more work on my basement project I am calling it quits for a little while. I am at a good stopping point and I think I deserve a break. Doors and trim are about all I have left for major tasks. Soon I will be calling for carpet and looking for people to come break this thing in.

I am super excited to spend time with my little family and spend some time alone with nothing but the sound of tires gripping dirt and heavy breathing. Maybe a little yea-haa's mixed in when I hit a certain section of UP brakeless singletrack that I have been dreaming about.

Tour also starts and I admit I am a junkie. You cant fake the excitement and real life drama that unfolds during that race. No fancy A-list producer could replicate the intracasies, battles, and suffering going on. You just have to watch it and I will be.

July is shaping up to be a great month. Time off, summer fun, dirt shredding, and getting the gang back together in Wausau is going to make this month fly by but also one that should leave me satisfied and refreshed heading into the next things in life.

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