Friday, April 1, 2011

Stay at Home Friday

I was going to work a half day today. Amy is in Milwaukee and Jake has a Dr appointment at 1. He hasn't been feeling well. I hate daycare germs. But when we got him up it was obvious he needed 100% attention. So its daddy time. What do I get to deal with? Well... he has an upset stomach and diarrhea from the the antibiotics for a double ear infection, he has 3 teeth coming in, severe diaper rash from pooping 5 times a day, and a dislocated elbow. He is actually in pretty good spirits and not super cranky as long as you are right in front of his face smiling at him, playing with a toy in front of him, or walking around holding him keeping him stimulated by showing and explaining whats in every room of the house. He is napping now and shouldn't be up until we go see the Dr.

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Anonymous said...

How did he dislocate his elbow?