Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2 Weeks Off

I have actually gotten to a point. A milestone, break point, or whatever you call it in my basement project progress. I have all my hvac done, electrical is done, bath and plumbing done, framing done, and mostly cleaned up my mess. To write it down in a little sentence like that doesn't even begin to describe the amount of work I have done. I had the g-ville building inspector over today and he took a look around, said "nice job" had no issues with any of my work and gave me the green light to start drywalling and cover everything up.

I did take a bit of satisfaction to know he thought I did a god job. Especially how little I knew when I started. I didn't know what 16" centers meant or the difference between 12 gauge or 14 gauge wire. I learned codes and what applied to me and in most case exceeded requirements.

Over last weekend, knowing I would be ready for drywall soon, I layed out all my wall dimensions, figured out all the required sizes of sheets according to break points, and went to the store for a quote. Well, once I realized I needed 127 sheets, I had a bit of a shock in anticipation of the work ahead. I thought that might really bog this project down especially with warmer weather on its way so I asked around a bit at work, got a req from a guy, called, had an estimate to do the drywall and texture in the basement. Quote came back acceptable and on Monday he starts. He said its a 2 week job. I wonder how long it would take me if it takes a professional of 27 years 2 weeks. Plus I only get down stairs after Jakester goes to bed, so I work 630pm to 930pm. I figured about a year. This may be the best money ever spent besides Ritalin for ronko.

Now I get a little time off. I have some odds and ends to finish up before Monday but nothing to stress about. My time off, at night, will be spent getting trim ready, ordering doors, picking out tile and grout, and prepping materials to start the finish portion. It may be close but I am hoping to be able to offer up space for the 12hr race in GB.

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CTB said...

JB - great work and great decision to step away from the drywall. With as much as you saved on the remodel, you should go get yourself a carbon niner...and you would still have a few grand to kick around.