Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Keeping up With Ronko

I should start with this.

So long old friend.

My GF Supercaliber has bit the dust.

I took the bike apart last week to clean and inspect and I found what I thought was crack. I took the frame to the shop and it was confirmed.

Now for the mushy stuff.

Amy bought me that bike. I didn't have a mtb at the time. I put all my money into remodeling my house. I was waiting for it to sell before I bought a new one. She felt so sorry for me, or sick of listening to me whine, that she told me to go to the shop and bought one for me. This one. The broke one.

We have had some good times. Two ore to shores, a cheq 40, 4 wors marathons, numerous wors xc, 2 years of Tuesdays at the Beech, 24hrs of Ol' Pueblo, and the many random rides just for fun.

Now (sniff sniff) its (sniff sniff) all over. (sniff sniff)

...but there is an 09 Hi- Fi on order to replace it. So I think I will get over it.


Anonymous said...

Is there a warenty?

Josh B said...
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Josh B said...
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Josh B said...

hi-fi is the warranty replacement.

Steve said...

Nice replacement. Now we'll have another new family member to meet. I trust that you'll find a way to get past your loss.

ronko said...

You have to break a few more to keep up with me.

GARAGE864 said...

nice one frame on the way...stoked.

CTB said...

nice start to '09. Keep it, shred it, break it - and get a new '10.