Monday, December 15, 2008

Feelin' Strong Now

Those who have faithfully followed this blog over the last couple of years know what is inevitably coming.

My gym rant.

I have covered it before how much I hate gyms. Not the fact of working out but the people and memberships. The last time I inquired about a membership it wasnt pretty. The local spot is filled with the idiots in skull caps and girls in full make-up. On top of that I couldnt get out without a long contract that I wouldnt use on the days over 30 degrees. It was pointless.

But,guess what I did.

Since I dont have a Rocky Balboa home gym like CB has, I joined a gym.

I joined one practically across the street from our new place (not new but not the old place). It is 24 hr Fitness. What pushed me over the edge.... 3 month memberships. Also, the place is darn neer empty. So, 3 blocks away and only 3 people inside on a Wednesday at 5:30 pm was good enough.

Now I just gotta use it. Which reminds me how much I hate gym's.


GARAGE864 said...

come on love being an I.A.

that's "Indoor Athlete"...........jc

Steve said...

So you're going to punch your hanging meat in public?

Josh B said...

Indoors yes...

LJ said...

Thats the gym Sara and I go too. We've been out XC skiing instead. Now that the "plan" is in effect, I'll be lifting 3 days a week. Usually don't get there til later in the night.

Awesome gym. It's been packed lately thou. Amazing when you get 4people in there lifitng it feels crowded.