Sunday, May 18, 2008

TreadFest WORS Round 2

I am going to post something really quick so when I procrastinate this week it wont be old news when I get around to it.

Saturday Amy and I headed down to Lake Geneva for the second stop of WORS. The race was at a resort. I got out to do a pre-ride since I had never seen this course before and found it was quite a gem of a course. I was enjoying myself so thoroughly I did an extra lap because it was so fun. It was a ski hill but besides the beginning it didn't really feel like there was a lot of climbing. What there was, was a bunch of sweeeeeeet single track. The kind you just rip through. There were little punchy climbs but nothing you couldn't stand and get over. It was just fun. When I finished I couldn't stop thinking that this is why I ride mountain bikes. Oh, and I felt good, not like I had to puke.

Today, race day. Got to the line, got a good start spot, goooooooo, I was sprinting, first hill, and slow it down. Just what I was afraid of. Two somewhat sustained climbs and I was off the back. we crest the top, I tell my 29'rs to do their thing and I start passing. Every section of single track I catch a group, wait for the out, quick sprint, and I am by every one. I do this over and over. At one point I realize I am riding with the guys who got called up, the top 5, sweet. We lap thru, here comes the start climbs and "by-by everyone". They are all gone. After the first climb guys who weren't even close when I started up are passing me. Half way up the second climb guys I passed 2 miles ago, are passing me now. We crest and I let my 29 do what 29'rs do. Now I am feeling good. I start catching everyone who was passing me on the climb. Same story, catch in the single track, pass on the fire lane, do it again. I pass everyone who passed me on the climb. Pretty far into the lap I see another guy who was called up. I chase. Here comes the start climbs and, by-by everyone. Now I am really creeping. Everyone I worked to pass the last few miles are now easily riding past. I get to the top and I am shot. I don't have the energy to hold good lines on the trail. I round a few corners, cut past trees like ski gates, rub some skin off on the bark, and realize I better just finish. My last lap I didn't quite have the chase I had the first two laps.

Finished 11th in age, 7 minutes back. At Iola I was 18th in age and 12 minutes back. So I go back 5 minutes on the same guy who won so that is promising.

Next up, lots of riding, and hopefully I can figure out to get back another 5 minutes. I am thinking I need to work on my climbing. The easiest way I can think of is not to haul 203 lbs up hill. But that is just speculation.


Steve said...

Nice time knock-off. Great to see the improvement.

CTB said...

Sssssmmmmmmokin'. Comp by race #5?