Thursday, May 22, 2008

Looking for Minutes

I was checking results from the Treadfest race, and found some interesting info. I finished 45th overall in sport. The difference between 45th and 20th was 3 minutes. That comes down to 1 minute per lap. That's it. Top 20 and all I have to do is shave off a minute per lap. With the crawl I did up the climbs I could easily get that minute per lap if I could go uphill better. I really was crawling uphill. I would say I lost at least 2 minutes per climb. So that is promising and motivating.

Today the truck is going in to the shop. I don't know what is wrong but the clunking sound it makes when I touch the brakes isn't getting better, it actually is getting worse.
So it is time to suck it up. On the bright side it is a haul to where I take it so I threw my bike in the back and now I get to squeeze a ride in to get home.

A couple more dental appt are in the books. After having a root canal Thursday and build up yesterday I need a break from people sticking needles into the roof of my mouth, my cheeks, and drilling teeth. What really sucks is my dentist only works Tuesdays and Thursdays and her afternoon appts are on Tuesday so this dental work is really getting in the way of my Beechwood time. Only two more appt left and then I am done. Watch, after having all this work I will fall at Beechwood in Roubaix and bust out my grill.

The weekend holds little in the plan department. If anyone has anything fun and exciting to do let me know.

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