Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Yeah, its Friday. A 3 day weekend is ahead.

I dropped of my truck. I hate that in between time where you are waiting for the call for them to tell you what's wrong and how much. From quick inspection yesterday it looks like my CV joint is junk. That is for sure being replaced and I have been noticing a couple drops of oil every morning on the ground so that little leak is going to be troubleshot. Hopefully this isn't going to be a lot. I hate it when a repair bill is more than a new bike.

I had a nice ride yesterday on my way home. I don't really know how long it is since my computer is broke and I don't know my time since I didn't look at my watch when I left. I think I was somewhere around 1.5 hrs. I rode pretty hard for my standards. The route I took was hilly and I found myself hammering. I got the point where if kept my effort up I was good to head home or back it down and do more. I chose hard effort and on my last turn towards home that I chill and cool down I was spent. I must have been giving it too because today my legs feel really tired and weak, and that's a good thing.

So today I have my ride options ahead of me. Do a 1.5 hr moderate pace to stretch and get the HR up or do a 10 minute warm up, hill repeats on the "Black Wall", 10 minutes home.

I still have no idea what proper training is. I know I suck at climbing right now so is it better to try and drop weight and gain fitness or build up my strength and fitness by beating my legs into submission?

I suppose in the long run it doesnt really matter.

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