Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Silver Lining

Wow, that felt like a long weekend.

Amy and I didnt really do all that much. We mostly hung out together all weekend. We planted a garden. Had dinner with some friends. I got a couple little rides in. I picked up my truck and the damage to my bank account wasnt too bad. We napped one day. Thats about it.

Tuesday is Beechwood night. Sounds like a big crew, so I am excited to be riding there again. My legs could use a bit of mtb miles before this weekends race.

Speaking of mtb racing, I think I finally found the silver lining in high gas prices. It just costs way too much money to race. The travel alone, not including food and entry fee, are ridiculous. To go into a race unprepared and expecting no better than a mid pack finish just isnt worth it anymore. So, now that my check book is feeling the effect of racing and the cost of being average, I think I may have got the kick in the shorts I have been needing to actually put some serious effort in.


CTB said...

You could do that, train harder and get more bang for your buck at WORS races...or you could totally fold and ride your crusier all summer to the bars and do trackstands when you're wasted. Tough call.

ronko said...

Dont feel bad about mid pack. Thats what I shoot for every race!

andyH. said...

i'll take a mid pack finish.