Thursday, May 29, 2008

Week in Review

I have had posts in my draft folder so here is more of a catch up...


Beechwood was awesome last night. We had a really good showing. It looked like about a dozen guys came out to ride. Two and a half laps ticked away like a blur. First half lap was with Scoots and Jeff C. They were both rolling new Superfly's and with no mtb rides on them we took a casual tour of the trail. I managed to eat dirt in front of both of them at different times making myself look like I was the one on a fresh new bike. An abbreviated lap was done to get back to festival field and meet up with the rest of the crew.

Lap 2 went by nicely. I rode it as fast as I could and with the exception of some chain issues had a pretty solid ride.

Lap 3 was killer. I finally felt like I had some bike handling and was starting to trust my tires a bit more. Unknown to me I ended my ride with 15psi in both tires which was probably the reason behind my new found traction. It still felt like a fast lap and I was smoked when I was done. Two random thoughts that kept creeping into my mind were "Beechwood makes you strong!!!" and a commercial like commentary, "Beechwood. New and Improved. Now with 10% more climbing." You know, because we needed more climbing.

After the riding was done we assumed the traditional festival activities with open coolers and meat burning.

It is late Wednesday and I am still buzzing from my Tuesday ride.


I took a day off riding to get caught up on a couple things. I feel a little guilty not riding when it is so nice. By the way I groan when I look at a staircase I think it was a good idea to let the legs recover a bit.

Which brings me to today...

Work sucked. It goes down as a top 10 day. I kept thinking at work not to go to the bar but get a ride in. Take my frustrations out on the road. I will regret it if I don't. I managed to commit to the ride with my new found inner strength. It took a while to get rolling. I am usually in my zone after about 4 miles. Today it took about 10 miles before my head was clear, legs loose, and ready to up the effort. I fought the wind for a bit, took a new route, found some new hills, and at my turn around point I put it in time trial mode and just kept going until I started to get that crampy feeling from the effort. I got home with a huge endorphin high and as I pulled to the garage door my cleat got stuck and I fell over unclipped onto the concrete. That really sucked. Amy heard me crash and came out to find me laying on the ground holding my arm and wrist. It hurt like hell at the time but I am fine.

So that is it until the race at Wausau this weekend. I am helping a friend put in a new floor Saturday so camping is questionable but I will be there for sure and looking foreword to seeing everyone.


Steve said...

Not a bad week. Missin' Beechwood. Should be out there on the 10th. See ya at 9 Mile.

CTB said...

Tear it up at 9-mile!