Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meatloaf Lesson

Since the race at Iola I have only ridden a little bit. That race really put a bit of a hurting on me. I did my cool down ride on Monday and after that I was drained. I know my results don't show it but I must have went as hard as I could because it took me most of the week to recover. I took 2 hr naps Thursday, Friday, and Saturday which is unusual. Finally Sunday I took the cross bike on a jaunt to Oshkosh and back. It is a pretty chill ride being an old rail bed, read FLAT. Somewhere around 40 miles of riding at my pace seemed like fun. I took every chance I could to bunny hop off things and just had fun like riding should. Monday I got serious and put the kit on and headed for the hills on the road bike. That turned to crap. I fought the wind, I fought the pedals, I fought the cranks, I fought the road, I fought the hills... you get the point. It was just one of those rides where nothing felt good. I got home and told Amy I couldn't eat a big pile of meatloaf before riding anymore it just wasn't working.

So were caught up to today. I got serious. Got kitted up. Got out the roadie. Ate a sensible lunch and hit the road. Wouldn't you know it I felt great. For the first time this year I actually felt like I could push a little harder than comfortable and hold it. I know wasn't going to win any time trials today even in my imaginary one man sprint finish I lost. It just felt good to know that sooner is coming quicker than later and maybe at some point this year I will be kickin' doors and taking names.

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