Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More of the Same

The weekend went as planned. Amy got her haircut and to my surprise she also came out blonde. Wow, that is different but I like it. Mine, still long.

We got to go ride Marquette Mt. I hadn't been on my snowboard in a long time. Once in the last 3 years to be exact. I was bit sketchy the first few runs but we both managed to stay upright and had a really good time.

We did some driving and had our blow out Super Bowl party at the apt. Like I said, Papa Murphys, Dorito's, and I did break down for some Bells.

I got my bike back from the shop all loaded up. They made it a point to tell me how difficult it was pack. I would think packing a LG 29'er would be difficult but it came in a box right. It should go back in one. Chris is just going to have to pay close attention when he unpacks it so he can get it back together.

Yesterday we got more snow followed by freezing rain. Today, foggy with freezing rain and snow. The rest of the week it is supposed to snow. Sunday is the only day not forecasted to snow but with a high temp of 10 I don't think I will be doing much outside. So that is it. AZ next week and not one single ride outside. Woohoo!!!


CTB said...

So when I cut the tape will the box explode with bike parts?

Steve said...

Wear all of your protective clothing. Don't want to see you impaled by a spoke, seatpost or bar just a few days before the race.