Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blessed Celebration

I suck at etiquette. Actually I don't have to be good at it because I am a Dude. So here goes. I am giving advance notice, invitations to come at a later date, but our (Amy and I) reception/party is in Marquette on Saturday, April 26th. We have reserved a lodge on lake for a Saturday afternoon party. The plan calls for apps, Pasties, Pizza, Desserts, and Bells. Rooms are being looked into and plans are being finalized but I wanted to get notice out for any interest since it is a bit of a haul.

Things to do. Party with us and friends. Besides all the hiking, biking, sight seeing, and brewerys in the area it would make a great excuse to get away for a weekend. Everyone who reads this is invited. So mark you calendars.

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