Friday, February 1, 2008

Important Info Read Below

I got out for my second computrainer ride last night. That should be enough for Pueblo. I might scale it back a bit from here so I don't burn myself out.

This weekend Amy and I are heading to Marquette, MI. It is time for her haircut. I am planning on packing and using the snowboard for the first time this year so we will see if I am in a cast come Monday.

We have a raging Super Bowl party lined up. Papa Murphy's, Dorito's, and water. I am in training so I don't think booze is a good idea right now.

The mountain bike went to get boxed up last night. That is a rather pointless comment.

It is still cold but at least it is not -40. How is that for pointless?

Even better, my hair is long. Ha.

I will make you all go back to work.

Sorry this sucked. (not really)

Happy Friday.


CTB said...

Are you sportin' a Mullet now? Back off on the training a little bit, or we'll be upgraded to Semi Pro/Pro.

Josh B said...

A Mullet, hmmmmm.

andyH. said...

man, your posts are starting to read like mine.