Friday, March 4, 2011


Is anyone sick of winter yet?

I am so happy to have been busy. The basement has been rolling along. I have all my walls built. All my lighting is in. I put up 23 lights, across 7 rooms, with 5 single switches, 1 3-way switch, and 1 4-way switch. Too my surprise they all work. All my electrical is in for outlets, tv's, refrigerator... My bathroom has the shower framed and installed, rough plumbing done, bath fan mounted/wired/vented, cold storage is rewired and lighted, all my hvac is done for heat and return air, and my archways are up between spaces. For this weekend I am going to finish my bath plumbing and run speaker wires for surround sound and get all my tv cable/hdmi cables run. Then its give the inspector a call and start drywalling. If all goes well I would like to have all my drywall hung by the end of March. Do all the texture and painting by mid April, install tile flooring by end of April, get trim and carpet in by the end of May. Then I might slow down and little bit and enjoy summer and pick at mounting cabinets and building countertop in the bar. But it will be a livable finished space by then so it wont matter. At this point I havent hired any work out and only had a little help from my father in law framing a weekend. If I can continue this way I hope to have done everything myself except lay the carpet.

I will post pics someday but there really isnt much to see until drywall is hung. It just looks 2x4's with white wire running off the ground.

If anyone has tips on applying texture with joint compound let me know. I can only get so much from reading how from google.

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