Thursday, March 10, 2011

aaaaaarg and burnt out

Screwed up my taxes. I should say turbo tax screwed them up. I will take the blame for trusting that the crappy program works. E-filed and according to the feds amy has 2 identical w-2. How does the stoopid program, after an "error analysis" not realize she couldn't possibly have two identical w-2 from the same exact company? So with our huge income 33% more than we made the feds think I agreed to pay them $9235. Yeah amendment and the 12-20 week process that hopefully they realize my original is wrong and don't start charging me interest on 9k!

I spent all weekend on basement plumbing only to have low flow, back pressure to the shower, 4 leaking connections, and a drain that wont seal. Now I get to tackle each issue individually and fry my brain.

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