Thursday, April 29, 2010


Jake is getting into a routine. I am happy for uneventful days with Jakie. I shouldnt say uneventful. If you saw his first real poop you would call that an event. It could be described by weight.

My first time changing his diaper I was introduced to his pee sprinkler.

Good times.

The best though was before he was 24 hours I got to blame my first fart on him. I did the ol' rip one and when Amy gave me a dirty look I pointed at him. It wasnt fair to him but thats what dads do, and it came so natural.


Sam said...

LOL - It gets better...boys and farts are like peas and pods. And even us dads are always boys when it comes to a good toot.

Couple of years you'll be having contests...or is that just me and Max?

benbarts said...

Only a week old, the more he farts the better, all the plumbing is working. I will refer to him as "Jake the Ripper".

Josh B said...

Sam- I dont think its just you and Max. More of a right of passage. I can see the contests already.

Josh and Jake -vs- Ben and Quinn...