Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Half Grey Will Soon Be Full Grey

Now that I have time...

To say Jake had a difficult time coming into this world would be an understatement. He was overdue 4 days. Amy was induced at 8am. He still didn't want to come out. Her water finally broke at 2pm. No action except for his heart rate was doing funny things. Dr. came in and said a couple "uh..hmmm... I don't like this.... this isn't good... hmmm." Then looked at us and said, "If something doesn't change soon we have to get him out right away." Uhh, what??????????

Then his HR stabilized but only if Amy was on her right side. So there she stayed the next 8hrs. As time got close his HR started to go funny again. I don't mean funny, more like half of what it is supposed to be during a contraction and not coming back, not funny at all. Dr says, make a decision quick, we can try pushing but we got to get him out and soon. We said try pushing but the Dr. kept everyone on stand by. The anesthesiologist, the OR, everyone waiting to jump in. Jake started coming and it looked like all was well. Then he got stuck. For a while. Dr was concerned, when his head started to poke thru he grabbed it and pulled him out. The cord was wrapped around his neck and holding him back. I couldn't tell you what came next but there was a blur of action and next thing I knew they said it was a boy and he was Amys belly. Whew! A boy!!! Then he wouldn't cry and his breathing was labored. They took him for the rest of night and by morning all was well.

Is your heart beating right now? Mine is thinking of all that again.

He came home Sunday. He went to meet his pediatrician Monday. She listened to his heart beat and said "hmmmm... this concerns me a little, go to children's hospital right now and get an EKG." OK. Off we go. Get his EKG and they say they will get back in a couple days with results. That was yesterday. Today at 11am I get a call, "Can you come back to children's to see the cardiologist. Can you come now? Can you come ASAP?" Uhhhh... "Amy get dressed we gotta go now!" Off we go. He didn't have to wait when we got there. For a drop in that seemed unusual. Off we go, they want to do a sonogram and get pics of all the chambers of his heart. That lasts 45 minutes and then another EKG. Dr comes in and asks "Did he have stressful delivery? Was the cord wrapped around him?" Uhh, yeah why do you ask?

Dr. never knew the person behind the EKG from Monday. When he saw it, it was just a strip with lines. What he saw was a damaged/defective heart. He came prepared to give us bad news. Now he was relieved. There were 2 possibilities. One a severely damaged heart, or an infant in recovery from a distressed labor. We were the later. The later is the better of the two. By better of the two, meaning something to monitor and should be fine. His rhythm strip from Monday to Tuesday even showed improvement. He said due the cord being pinched and wrapped the supply of oxygen was cut off to the heart and he basically had a little heart attack. He said a bunch of other fancy stuff to explain that other things between the two EKG's that were positive but all I heard was "He should be fine." I didn't need to hear anymore than that. He finished with "this is the best part of my day being able to tell you he is OK and I am not concerned. What I expected when I saw this and having you coming in was not going to be good."

And we were off.

Is your heart beating right now? Mine is thinking of all that again. That was our day today.

Now we are home again. Everything seems fine.

In his four days of life he taken us on emergency trips to children's hospital twice. If I am not fully grey when you see me next I should be close.


Jesse said...

Heart beat racing. not really. But, I literally got goosebumps! Great writeup.

I'm glad the dr. was able to deliver the GOOD news, and that baby Jake is doing well.

ron k. said...

Glad to hear everything is going to be good. Cant wait to see him!

CTB said...

And all I read the first time was "he's going to be OK"....I had to go back and get the details. Whew! Maybe his VO2 will be off the charts because of his first workout.