Sunday, August 9, 2009

O2S '09

Ore to Shore was this weekend. Hitched a ride from some Performa guys. Thanks. As we sat around the campsite I talked them into a friendly 3 hr singletrack ski hill ride the eve of the race.


I had a couple grey areas in mind on exactly what trails get us out to the ski hill and sure enough in the 3 decisions to make I was wrong all 3. We did work our way out and still had a killer ride. One tricky section had us repairing a wheel and had myself cleaning blood off my arm and off my break cables where it continued drip as I rode.


Mike Curtes had the hook up for camping. Curtes bro's, Sam W, Hartigs, and Beechwood locals Randy and Sara filled a couple campsites with people to share our stories.

Race starts saturday. Fourth O2S for me. 1st year was a 26" full suspension, year 2 and 3 29" full sussy, this year, singlespeed hardtail. My goal was 3:10, last years time was 3:31 with some issues. Lead out, holy crap, my 32x16 had me spinning watching a geared parade go by. The rest of the race was uneventful. I kept the rubber side down, got smoked again on the road section halfway throught the race, held of cramps at the end, had a killer 4 up sprint (3 ss'rs) to the finish that I pulled out with the first wheel across. Finish time was 3:11.04. Close to my 3:10 goal but still happy with it. I dont think 3hrs is too hard to get to. If I can hold my place on the climb out of the bridge over the river, 3hrs isnt a lofty goal.

Fuel riders:
Joe Curtes killed it with Singlespeed overall win and 24th overall.
Sam Wellskopf won his age group with a 28th overall.
Mike Curtes had some wheel issue and after riding past him on the side of the trail engulfed in a mixed blue cloud of CO2 and tire sealant he found a way to cath me and still beat me by 40 seconds.

Another great weekend that I still have a buzz from.


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CTB said...

It's been a good year for you! Keep that 2-9 SS rollin.