Saturday, August 15, 2009

Add It Up

This past Monday I went for a road ride with some Performa punks. I felt fine, I felt loose, I felt fast. I got creamed by Jesse and didn't even come close to fighting for the polka dot jersey. I don't think I even scored a point.

I went for a mtb ride Wed at the camp. I felt fine, I felt loose, I felt fast. I got a lesson in singletrack shredding and power climbing by Paul Duece Revere Kekstas.

I couldn't figure out why I felt fine but there is no snap or power in my legs. My brain says go, my body lunges and I get a mediocre response. I thought of the riding I have done recently and when I added it up I came to something like 235 miles on my one geared wonder bike in two and a half weeks. Hmmm, maybe that has something to do with it.

Hopefully, and what I am trying to convince myself of is, that after 24-9 I wasn't completely recovered. When I threw O2S in the mix with some random rides in between it might have been a bit too much after taking most of July off for parties and vacation. I actually did a recovery ride ride Thursday night with a friend of mine and kept the HR really low for a 25 mile ride and that felt great.

So we will see how things respond. I have 2 weeks before the next race and the 32x16 wont turn itself.

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