Thursday, June 18, 2009


I fell hard yesterday.

I fell off my wagon.

I had been doing so well.

I allow my treats but do not grossly indulge.

Yesterday I fell.

I fell hard.

I had a granola bar for breakfast. So far so good.

I had a Chipotle Burrito for lunch.

Amy and I had Sushi for dinner.

We went to the bar next door and I had a couple Vodka tonics on the patio.

I was still hungry so I ordered some chicken wings.

We got home and took the cruisers out.

I went to the Twist and got a vanilla malt.

I rode past the Little league fields and the concessions were open so I got a licorice rope.

I got home and had a little Door County cherry wine cheese spread on a cracker.

I thought I was done but late that evening Amy whipped up a blueberry coffee cake for her dad. I had to try it and make sure it was good. It was, so I tried it again.

Chipolte, sushi, vodka, chicken wings, ice cream, licorice, spread cheese, and blueberry coffee cake. I didn't feel so good when I went to bed.


CTB said...

Well, if you're gonna' go, go big. Nice job.

GARAGE864 said...

DUDE. WTF......

benbarts said...

You trying to steal Luke's thunder?

Anonymous said...

Amateur… If you're going to steal my thunder you better not ride your bike down the block to get junk food, you're going to need to take your car. Damn... I forgot Amy left me some coffee cake. LB