Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Rides

I was out on a ride last Thursday and 1/2 way through I had this " I am sick of riding feeling." I, like everyone else, has had days where you don't feel like riding. Sometimes you go and sometimes not. Thursday something was different. I turned and went home. My 40 miler turned into 21. I couldn't understand why, even as I was heading home I couldn't figure it out. It was nice out. No wind. I wasn't tired. I had nothing to do and it was early. The only thing I figured is I was sick of the same old thing. I had been riding the same roads for 4 months now, by myself. I need to ride with others and need some different scenery. So last night I hit up my first group ride of the year. I had only done one group ride last year and after getting dropped hard early into the ride I never went back. I went back last night. My goal was not to get dropped and relight the fire a bit. Well, I didn't get dropped and was able to ride pretty easily with the group. I even took a little dig on the longest climb and was able to string everyone out pretty good without feeling like I was going to explode. Turns out it was just what I needed. I started the year doing my own thing when most convenient. I rode to collect miles and get ready for mtb season. Now I can start working on getting a little faster and riding harder than I would just on my own. I am motivated again and look forward to my next ride.

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