Thursday, November 13, 2008

More on Mr Max

We have been wanting a dog. I am a bit more patient than Amy would like so it has been a while since that came up the first time. I just didn't want to rush into anything. She wanted a Goldendoodle and I was more than happy with that. We see them here or there and ohhh and ahhh at them. A couple "he's so cute" and the conversation would strike up again. We almost got one not to long ago but it didn't work out. I happened to find out about Max and after a couple e-mails with his prior family we were off to meet. I was nervous and Amy was excited. "Are we really going to get him?" I, as usual, had all my doubts and questions. What it came down to was that I wasn't going to get any old dog. I wanted one that was going to be right for us. Housebroken and somewhat trained were requirements in my head and not wild and crazy were a big plus.

We get there and Max is SOOOO excited to see us that at first I think he is a bit of a handful. In a couple minutes he is calm and laying around. We talk to his owners and they are upset about this but due to working hours and two small children they don't feel he is getting what he deserves.

Then they start on about him. He has been to 3 levels of obedience school out of 4. He cant go to 4 until he is 2 years old. He knows all of his commands: sit, stay. lay down, drop it, leave it, and settle. He knows all of his commands not just verbally but also in sign language. Yeah, he knows sign language. They have 2 kids so since he was pup they poke and twist his ears and stick their hands in his mouth on purpose so he is used to it. The 10yr son comes over and sticks his hand in his mouth to prove it. Cool! The whole time Max is just chilling. He is house broken and can hold it for 9 hours. When he does have to go he rings a bell. Yeah, he is coming home with us and now we have a dog.

It has only been since Monday and we are already attached. It happens fast. He LOVES Amy. I mean he LOVES Amy.

So, we are really excited andmore to follow as things progress.

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