Friday, November 14, 2008

Are Treats No Longer Treats

I have been home for 15 minutes from work. I gave Max a treat. He hasn't eating it. He has carried it to the living room. Tossed it around like a toy. Looked out the window with it hanging out his mouth. Dropped it on the kitchen floor. Picked it up and dropped it in the hallway. Picked it back up and dropped it in the living room. Now he is laying on the kitchen floor staring at his treat in the living room. What the??? From what I remember you give a dog a treat, they eat it, then want more.

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Steve said...

Typically, yes, that's what they do, they eat it. One example opposite to that. Clark gets a small rawhide from Julie in the morning before she leaves. When Sam and I get home he runs around with it and then sets it back down. When Julie gets home and the whole pack is back together, he'll chew on it and eat it. Maybe Max is waiting for Amy to return.