Friday, October 31, 2008


Oct. 31 and it was 65 degrees today. The sun was shining and not much for wind. Sounds like a nice biking day. OK. I left work early. Actually I didn't leave early I went in early in anticipation of a nice day and got done early. 2.5 hours on Mr X on the ol' trail. It wasn't exactly a training ride, what mid pack sporty trains the last day of October? It was more of a, look at the pretty trees and try not to breath too hard ride. I did get 'er going a little but I had a big smile the whole time and was trying to enjoy the gem of a day since it is probably one of the last.

Best part of my ride... I approached a guy walking and pushing a stroller. Not much for a photo op so it never occurred to pull out my camera. But, as I passed, I realized the guy wasn't pushing a stroller with a baby but he actually had a Poodle in a sweater. I thought of turning around but I wasn't too comfortable asking a guy with a Poodle in a stroller to smile for the camera. I let that one go.

Tomorrow more X.

Somebody said "pain cave"?

Somebody else got called out.

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